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Breathtaking. Inspiring. Revolutionary. Or just fantastic. Call it whatever you want. The new Caiman 1200R is state of the art when it comes to e-mobility. After many years of development and cooperations with big players from all over the world an electric moped or scooter has finally been created. It will definitely thrill you – without compromises, because charging is only needed after 160 kilometres of driving and even the performance does not come short at all.

Don’t feel uncomfortable again when it becomes dark outside. The CAIMAN’s low- and high-beam with groundbreaking LED technology will guide you through the night. Even the flashing lights and the tail light aglow in modern design, which will draw attention at you as well as the all new daytime running lights at the front.

Overview is everything. The CAIMAN’s grand display will show you all information you need during your trip: current speed, remaining range, driving mode, temperature and much more. Even strong sunlight will not become a problem thanks to a special coating. Fancy backlight will help you at night. What else could you want?

It’s a very dynamic-looking bike – the aggressive-looking headlamp cowl, the headlamp itself, the cast aluminium footrest hangers, and the good-looking cast wheels which are certain to end up on heaps of other bikes, thanks to their quality appearance. The whole package exudes substance – much more than you’d expect from a bike of this price – and coupled with desirable looks will appeal to teen dreamers who’ll be its likely target customers.

Single unit.
It feels more substantial than you’d expect from a 125cc runaround, yet it’s light-steering without being nervous. I could chuck the 125R on its side into turns and still get the grip I hoped for. That good-looking frame handles well, albeit with adequate, rather than exceptional front suspension that isn’t particularly compliant over rough surfaces, though the rear cantilever monoshock gives better ride quality than I expected. Call it a score-draw.



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