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Best Bike Service Franchise Opportunity

Do you want to start Multi-brand Service center of Caiman Motors. Caiman Motors is the highest bike selling Company of Abroad. Having more than 6000 sales and service network consisting of authorized dealerships worldwide, service and spare parts outlets, and dealer-appointed outlets across the country. The demand of Caiman Motor bikes is still on and it is always profitable business to own a Service Center or franchise of Caiman Motors. Read below for information regarding Investment costs, Service center franchise process and other details.

VISION :To create a 'One Stop Shop' to meet all the two-wheeler's needs under one roof by providing superior quality at reasonable price and become a Leader and Renowned Brand in the Two-wheeler after sales service industry. To Set-up a chain of service stations All-Over-India and to reach their number up to 100 stations within next 5 years. To cover the complete aspects of After-Sales-Requirements for Two-wheelers. To deliver business enabling ‘Superior’ products and services with ‘continuous innovation’ of new methods, along with our customers within the requisite timeline, by creating a joyous work environment to our employees.

How to build a good bike

The sale of 2 wheeler in India is among the highest in the world. The number of opportunities to visit a workshop in the 2 wheeler servicing world is ever increasing. Interestingly there is a huge demand and supply gap in the servicing sector. Bike Mechanic Franchise is growing in all parts of the country as organized and unorganized player are making their mark in making this service very professional.

This brand shall offer wide range of vehicle services using efficient methodologies and innovative technologies. We intend to grow locally and nationally.

The industry in India for automotives is rising with velocity. The country is counted among leading producers of passenger cars and two-wheelers, followed by motor cycle productions and commercial vehicles. With high-end manufacturing standards of vehicles- after-servicing, major accessories and other component requirements needed to protect the quality are combining to form another big market in India. Franchise opportunities looming in this sector includes automobiles franchise, automotive parts, car repairs, car service center, bike service center, car decoration, car sales, car beauty clinic etc. so here are the lists of approved companies ready to franchise with you to encourage growth in India economy.


Our regular service offering intends to do away with the need of visiting a garage for your general maintenance needs. We perform maintenance tasks like oil change, air filter cleaning, spark plug cleaning, brake cleaning, chain adjustment, and valve clearance check at your doorstep. Keep your bike fit and road ready!

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Jan 15, 2017

We would love to, but it’s not possible for us. For tasks like engine repair (engine making noise?), mag wheel repair, shocker repair, body repair, clutch plate replacement etc., we suggest you take the bike to an authorized service center. They have the right set of tools needed for the job and the quality won’t be compromised!


Mr. Vijay Simha

Jan 10, 2017

The regular service charge includes labor charge for general servicing as well as labor cost for engine oil, spark plug and air filter replacement. In case any additional spare needs replacement, it will have a flat service charge of Rs 50 per spare. All materials including engine oil will be charged at actual in addition to the labor charges.


Angela Hill

Jan 5, 2017

we use a waterless wash solution for washing your bike. Although this does not clean all nooks and corners of the bike, it does a great job of giving a shine to the metallic body of your bike. You will love it! We don’t use water mostly because it is a problem in most societies/ offices as well as the fact that it’s difficult to carry the washing tools on a two-wheeler!

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