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We are a team of passionate people who love to make, enjoy and drive motorcycles!

Our Mission

To make motorcycling enjoyable and safer for the riders. To provide high quality motorcycles that give value to our customers. To build trust in the market and customers and serve the market with superior values to all our stakeholders. To deliver premium products with a promise to fulfil the customer lifetime ownership.


Caiman Auto Limited has entered the two wheeler manufacturing segment with a vision to provide uniquely designed, high on performance vehicles to cater Indian market.


At CAIMAN AUTO launching different variants and different engine capacity up to 850 CC. We are proud to say that we are the beginners but coming with many variants.


The advantage to take the entrepreneurs as partners into the company & build the empire with mutual growth and benefits. Team Work Can Play Major Role to develop the brand.

Bike Technology
Regular maintenance service has need of counting limitation oil and fluid changes, wheel balancing, carburetor adjustments, headlight alignment, ignition wheel alignment and valve clearance or such other adjustments.
Cylinder Head Assembly
The engine is of conventional mechanical design, optimized for this particular application. Lightweight reciprocating components give minimum vibration and reliability is assured by good design, high duty materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.
Cylinder Assembly
The Caiman Motorcycle Engine is liquid cooled for maximum efficiency. The cylinder is plated with the latest nickel-sil coating for improved performance and durability.
Fuel Pump
A deliberate decision was taken to use mechanically controlled fuel injection for the current engine, employing a purpose-designed injection pump. For the future, electronic control will allow further enhancements in performance.
Crankcase Assembly
The result is a simple, compact, lightweight power unit of more than twice the specific power output of conventional small diesel engineer. The usable engine speed range is also much greater than other diesel engines. Peak power of some 50hp/liter is developed at around 5800 rev/min, with usable power available up to well over 6000 rev/min.
Gear Set Assembly
This is combined with excellent low speed torque in a way which is unique for a diesel engine. The motorcycle thus has outstanding drivability with less need for gear changing, which aids both on-road enjoyment and cross-country performance in the hands of expert and less experienced riders alike.

Our commitment to Research and Development is matched by our devotion to quality standards and our proficiency in manufacturing motorcycles that meet those standards in creation of next generation technologies. At the same time, Caiman Auto develops ways of employing the latest advanced technology to development of the company’s motorcycles production.

  • Our Technology
  • Quality & Standards
  • Style & Comfort
  • Performance & Mileage

We provide an extensive back up of spare parts for our models as well as many other brands besides, which mean that any parts you require are normally in stock in our warehouse ready to be ordered. The upcoming model bikes for all age groups comfortable seating with flexible driving.



At CAIMAN AUTO launching different variants and different engine capacity up to 850 CC. We are proud to say that we are the beginners but coming with many variants of Petrol, Electric and diesel bikes (RND in progress).